Mobile-Optimized Shader for Unity

Fully-featured stylized shader for Unity, optimized for mobile devices. Packed with all the latest techniques, yet blazingly fast due to a progressive system of calculating only what it needs to.

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One shader to rule them all

OmniShade is a highly performant shader designed for mobile devices. It is packed with a multitude of techniques allowing it to achieve almost any look from realistic to toon to anime, yet also blazingly fast due to an adaptive system of calculating only what it needs to for any feature set.

It was designed to bridge the gap between Unity's Standard Shader and mobile shaders, but can often look even better than desktop-class shaders due to its high level of stylization, combination, and customization.

All of the sample images above were rendered using only OmniShade, the variety of expression is limitless. It can be used for a game with complex lighting or simple sprites -- regardless, the performance is always optimal. It is quite possibly the only shader you will need for your entire game.


All of the below can be used in any combination, with optimal performance.

...see Features for in-depth specs of each feature.

On top of this, we also include:

  • Built-In and URP pipeline support

  • Progressively adaptive performance which automatically detects and generates the minimal shader variant for any given set of enabled features.

  • (Pro feature) Optimized shader stripping on a per-material basis for minimum build size and memory

  • (Pro feature) Custom fallback shader on Open GL ES 2, so your game looks great for even grandma

  • Script for animating textures in the shader

  • Slick collapsable shader UI, easily extendable

  • Set of tutorial demo scenes

It's true, the Standard Shader is still too slow for mobile devices. And let's face it, giving an artist Shader Graph is like giving a baby a gun. But it doesn't mean you have to compromise on your game's looks.

We now also offer OmniShade PBR, a high-end physically-based rendering version!

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